Join a group and get involved!

Undergraduate Students
Biology Club
The purpose of the Biology Club is to promote study in the biological sciences through campus and community involvement. In addition to providing new students with a social outlet in order to become acclimated with St. Thomas University and the School of Science, Technology & Engineering Management, the Club also provides students with extracurricular activities.  

SAVE: Students Advocating & Valuing Earth
The purpose of SAVE is to aid, promote, and value the planet. This organization will voice the concerns of Earth that need recognition and action in the University and the world at large. By doing so, this organization spreads knowledge to students and others in order to help those that cannot help themselves. There is also a focus on learning and maintaining a life of sustainability. The goal of this organization is to help and work for the welfare of this planet and all of its inhabitants.  

Graduate Students
The St. Thomas Environmental Law Society (STELS)
The St. Thomas Environmental Law Society continuously strives to create an awareness of the balance between the increasing needs of humanity and our fragile planet.  STELS members strive to effectively fulfill our responsibility as inhabitants of Earth, and foster awareness, scholarship, and education in applicable areas of law and to develop skills to administer and improve environmental policies.    

Faculty, Staff and Students
Environmental, Health and Safety Committee
St. Thomas University’s Environmental, Health and Safety Committee is comprised of faculty and staff who volunteer to participate in EPA, OSHA and FL DEP registration compliance.  

Environmental Task Force Committee
St. Thomas University's Environmental Task Force Committee is comprised of students, faculty, and staff who volunteer their time and efforts to develop environmental programs and policies. This committee will meet regularly to develop programs and policies that are beneficial to all faculty, staff, students, and our community at large.