Student Travel: Domestic & Foreign Travel Requirements

Please be advised that effective immediately, Environmental Compliance and Risk Management (ECRM), within the Office of Physical Plant, must be notified of all St. Thomas University sponsored trips involving faculty, staff and students to ensure that all the travel documents are completed appropriately.

With respect to any faculty, staff and student field trip involving an overnight stay (in or outside the United States) or student participation in special activities, other than the normal day-to-day activities, notification to ECRM needs to occur one (1) month prior to the anticipated/tentative departure date:

  • Name of Country and/or City, State
  • Number of employees traveling
  • Number of students traveling
  • Reason for trip
  • Length of stay
  • Who will be making travel arrangements

Once the aforementioned information is obtained, ECRM will provide the trip organizer with the proper paperwork to be completed and returned two (2) weeks prior to the departure date, otherwise the trip and/or attendee(s) may not be approved to participate.

Required Documentation
Student Travel Policy (effective July 9, 2012)
Faculty/Staff Travel Request Forms
** Complete one (1) month prior to trip by faculty/staff organizing trip
Student Activity Participation Forms (must use STU Login)

**  CHARTIS Travel Guard WorldRisk Assistance Card
 (everyone should download and keep a copy with them) **