Prime Minister of Haiti participates in St. Thomas University’s Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe participated in St. Thomas University’s Global Entrepreneurship Week on Nov. 16, 2012.
He addressed students and the community about "Unleashing Entrepreneurship in Haiti”.
Also, students had the opportunity to participate in a business plan competition brought about by the Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and the School of Business.
The top two business plans were:

Flavors of Nature (Developing Entrepreneur Category)
- Fedorah Dessources, Stephanie Rodriguez, Anne-Carla DuVerger, Luisa Desouza
Melanio Bruceta.
Flavors of Nature is a monthly organic food cooperative based on the premise of healthier food, environmental sustainability and affordability. It aims to continue empowering the local community to make nutritious, wholesome food choices by providing organic certified farm-fresh produce at prices up to 40% lower than local supermarket chains. Currently Flavors of Nature serves the entire St. Thomas University and surrounding Miami Gardens community, with plans to expand its target market to the entire South Florida while bringing heightened awareness to the importance of healthy nutrition.

Golden Age Travel & Education Agency (New Entrepreneur Category) – Jianpeng Wu
Golden Age Travel & Education Agency seeks to provide clients with a high quality travel experience combined with opportunities to share their educational expertise. Clients will be exposed to multiple foreign cultural experiences while enjoying their vacations and also serve as educators. Initially Golden Age Travel & Education Agency will facilitate travel to 7 distinctly different locations in China where clients will have the opportunity to provide services at educational institutions where they will teach languages (mostly English/Spanish) or in other professional areas. In addition, there will be opportunities for mutual information sharing in an interactive environment. Adequate time will also be provided for participation in local tours and other traditional tourist activities.