STU Participates in Archdiocese Synod

St. Thomas University President, Monsignor Franklyn M. Casale, students, faculty, staff,  religious sisters, and our clergy participated Saturday, October 26 at the Archdiocese of Miami’s Synod closing assembly, held at the downtown Hilton. Honduran-born Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga was the keynote speaker and spoke about how the Church is rising in Africa and Asia as well as global challenges found, many of them rooted in a hostile culture. The Synod documents are being made available to the public and all details can be found in the Miami Archdiocese website,

Key points of our Catholic identity as per the Second Vatican Council? The Church is not the hierarchy, but the people of God, whose common ground is our condition as believers. In the Cardinal’s words “Neither the clergy are the men of God, nor are the laity the men of the world. That is a false dichotomy. To speak correctly, we should not speak of clergy and laity, but instead of community….”

One message to remain in the hearts of the STU community of faith is “starting anew” from the beginning: we once more become the Church as proclaimer, servant, and Samaritan.

The road is paved for STU students, staff, and faculty as well as their personal connections. Be bold and post in your social media pages. Do not be afraid to proclaim. STU has already embarked in extraordinary missions and Christ-centered programs, whether in the School of Theology and Ministry or the Global Entrepreneurship programs to Biscayne College’s Center for Community Engagement.