St. Thomas University’s October Cultural Arts Calendar Showcases Hispanic Heritage and Brazilian Art

St. Thomas University’s Sardinas Gallery is gathering the art regulars and Brazilian community in South Florida to the opening reception of “Made in Miami”, a contemporary exhibit by Brazilian born Ernesto Kunde, Thursday, October 24 at 5:00 PM, to be held at the main library building, 2nd floor. The exhibit is open to the public.

Kunde paid attention to the pastoral surroundings of the Rio Grande do Sul’s pastoral surroundings, influenced by its scenic landscapes and reflecting not only what he saw around him but also what he imagined. As he moved to Miami he developed a new landscape and color palette. The colors were brighter and more vibrant than the surroundings in that Brazil region. Using a mix of media – canvas, wood, recycled corrugated aluminum and others – Kunde captures history as it is happening, thus the theme “Made in Miami”. His iconic Miami scenes, abstract mangroves and more serious paintings reflect social and political issues that draw the viewer to take a second look.

“There is an intensity of emotion as well as a delight looking at his paintings”, says Sardinas Gallery Director Gail Casale. “The glory of Miami Beach’s deco buildings and Miami’s historic sites show our city’s unique culture. The artist – who has exhibited extensively throughout South Florida and the United States - embraces his surroundings and translates those environments with a unique approach to South Florida’s landscape.” 

To be held in Spanish and also open to the public is the October 30th 12:30 PM presentation by Cuban born Silvia Landa at the Library atrium, with the poet discussing and reading from her latest book of poems: Azúcar prieta y maní tostao: poemas negros y mulatos. This is Landa's third publication and explores the influence of race on Cuban culture. Landa studied at the Universidad de Villanueva in Havana and at Loyola University in New Orleans. She also received a scholarship to study at the Escuela Real de Arte Dramatica in Madrid; wrote for "El Mundo" (Havana), the New Laurel Review, and El Diario de las Americas. She has worked as a radio and television producer, and had the distinction of interviewing the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.