STU in Solidarity with the Venezuelan People

You are invited to a St. Thomas University "Teach In" to learn about the socio political and historical context vital to understanding the current situation in Venezuela, with faculty panelists Dr. Roza Pati, Dr. Judith Bachay and Dr. Giselle Jamison.

When: Tuesday, March 11, 3-4 p.m.

Where: Student Services Lobby

Why: In the Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Higher Education, Pope John Paul 11 called on each Catholic University "to discover the root causes of the serious problems of our time...and to contribute concretely to the progress of the society within which it works" Pope Paul 11 went on to make clear the "service to society" is a core function of all Catholic Universities, as they are all uniquely called and inspired by the Gospel, to use their research and teaching resources to address the social problems of our age.