STU in Support of the Venezuelan Community

On February 24, 2014, a group of STU students participated in the rally “S.O.S. Venezuela” at J.C. Bermudez Park in Doral to support Venezuela’s society’s right of freedom of expression and right to live peacefully. Currently Venezuela is experiencing great hardship, many Venezuelans are unemployed, food is scarce, and crime is rampant. Since February 12, 2014, thousands of University students have peacefully marched to protest the social and economic conditions that currently affect Venezuela. One main issue is the insecurity that Venezuelans live every day; the majority of crimes go unpunished. The number of homicides has reached 25,000, in a population of 30 million. Venezuelans students started this movement because they want to shine a light on corrupt and unjust government. The protest turned violent after military started to act aggressively against the unarmed students and as a result of the 3 confirmed deaths during the February 12 march. Since then, protests have increased along with the reprisal by unfair military action. More people have been shot to death and aggressively arrested and tortured. Venezuelans are not informed about what is happening on the streets by ordinary media, radios station, TV, and even Twitter; the government has taken control of all social media and independent air waves. This is a rough battle. Every Venezuelan student and citizen is affected. Let’s stand in solidarity and be Venezuela’s voice against unjust violation of Venezuelan human rights.