Resources for Parents & Families

We expect parents and family members to play an active role in the success of our STU students. The challenge is how to be involved while ensuring that your student is the one making the decisions, learning the lessons, and taking healthy risks. What makes this difficult for parents and families is that your student has to learn how to balance newfound freedoms and an immense degree of responsibility.

Below are some resources that may be helpful during this time of learning and development:

Additional Resources

First in the Family - 
Being the first in the family to attend college comes with extra expectations to succeed. The pressure can be great, but the ability to persevere and make it through to graduation is well worth it. First in the Family provides resources for families and students for students' high school years and college years. There are six audio slideshows in the “Your College Years” section that provide insight into how first generation college students adjust to college academics, time management, family responsibilities, finding peer support, finding their place within the college community, and being a successful scholar.

....More Resources Coming Soon!