Enrolling at St. Thomas

Our Mission

St. Thomas is a Catholic university with rich cultural and international diversity committed to the academic and professional success of its students who become ethical leaders in our global community.

Our Vision

What constitutes a university education? At St. Thomas University, we believe an education is more than a path to a degree; it is a multi-faceted experience that touches every part of one’s life. Classes and academics are important, but no more important than the total growth of the individual.

St. Thomas strives to provide each student with the opportunity to be a part of a true international community. Not just to earn a degree, but to interact with other people... to grow academically, socially, experimentally and morally.

We seek to develop not just the mind, but the whole person. We are committed to developing true global citizens. We are concerned with your goals and are dedicated to your success.

Please, take a look around our website to discover all the academic and financial opportunities that are available to you.