Planning and Enrollment

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2007-2012 University Strategic Goals & Benchmarks:

VIDEO of SPOL training for academic unit leaders

Strategic Planning Online (SPOL)is a program St. Thomas University utilizes to facilitate and document our planning process. The University is organized into three groups: Educational Units; Administrative Units; and Academic and Student Support Units. Click on your group below to access the most current list of SPOL units and corresponding unit leaders.

SPOL Planning Unit Lists:

The SPOL program is designed to outline unit objectives, or goals, set by each department for each academic/fiscal year. It is important to note that at any given time, a unit manager can and should be working within a 3 year time span: focusing on last year (what WAS accomplished); the current year (what IS being accomplished) and on the  next year (what WILL be accomplished).

Each objective can be viewed as consisting of two parts: the first is a unit's ideal plan, set a year in advance and looking towards the future, and the second noting the unit's analysis of the results of the objective. With that in mind, and with 2010 quickly coming to a close, please note the following deadlines.

Additional items and information that can help with your SPOL input and planning: