Services Provided

The Public Safety Department provides information, service, and assistance to all campus personnel in hopes of developing proper security awareness and prevention programs.

Public Safety Officers are specially trained by the Wackenhut Corporation on campus security measures. The officers provide the University campus with a high level of physical security protection by utilizing motor vehicle patrols, bicycle patrols and effectively utilizing all access control directives. All of these security precautions can not be fully effective unless those for whom it is geared to protect take active measures to fortify the system, raising it to a higher awareness and prevention.

Crime prevention is not the sole responsibility of the Public Safety Department. The campus community must take part in working closely with Public Safety in an effort to utilize all available resources so as to combat and prevent campus crime more effectively. Information is the key to any and all success in this venture. Th Public Safety Department provides information to campus occupants about security awareness and crime prevention through campus publications and updated security announcements.

The Public Safety Departments is responsible for:
  • ensuring the physical security of all the university buildings, property and facilities;
  • the safety of the faculty, staff, students, and guests of the University;
  • enforcing campus parking and traffic regulations;
  • cooperating with local law enforcement agencies, including fire & rescue agencies;
  • presenting materials and programs regarding crime prevention & personal safety.

Effective August 1995, the St. Thomas University community became a closed campus. In order to gain admittance to the campus you must either have a valid STU parking decal, be a guest or visitor of a student, faculty/staff member or be attending an approved contracted class/event. When requested, visitors must produce proper identification, vehicle registration or proof of insurance prior to entering the campus. Anything there is a question of the illegitimacy of the visitor or vehicle, admittance can be denied.