Students' Comments

After each tutoring session, students are given an evaluation form. The form includes the following statements:

  • The tutor helped me to learn the concept(s) at hand
  • The setting was comfortable and conductive to learning
  • The feedback was helpful
  • I would recommend the tutoring session to others
  • Overall, the service I received met my needs
  • The tutor’s attitude was encouraging

Students are asked to choose the following options in regards to the statements mentioned above: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. Students are also asked to give any comments or suggestions to our tutoring services. Here are some comments from students who were tutored at the Academic Enhancement Center:

  • "Very smart tutor and I strongly recommend this to any student."
  • "Very good tutor. Helped tremendously."
  • "Excellent tutor."
  • "The best tutor."
  • "Good tutoring service."
  • "The tutor has helped me gained confidence in math."
  • "Great tutor, he went in depth and I enjoyed. A lot of information was understood."
  • "Without this tutor I probably would not have understood my algebra class."
  • "The tutor allowed me to work out math problems on my own to make sure I understood the material, which I really appreciated."
  • "The tutor makes you feel comfortable and truly helps you understand the concepts of the subjects."