The University Writing Center (UWC)

Directed Learning Activities (DLAs)

The UWC has created a series of Directed Learning Activities (DLAs) writers can use to develop writing skills. There are DLAs that pertain to each stage of the writing process, and there are ones that focus on specific writing skills. The UWC recommends that writers interested in developing specific writing skills complete DLAs while working with writing tutors, as de-contextualized skill-and-drill exercises often do not translate into an individual’s overall ability to write well.
These DLAs are available in the UWC, and you can also surf through the rest of our Writer’s Zone for more writing web sites and online exercises.
Before the Writing Process
 Self as Writer I – NES
 Self as Writer II – NNES
 Self as Writer III – Writer’s Inventory
 Writing Process PowerPoint
 Journalists’ Questions
 Five Paragraph Essay in 25 Minutes
 Alphabet Exercise & 15min Writing Challenge
 Writing Coherent Paragraphs
 Thesis Statement
 Developing Ideas Introduction
 Showing vs. Telling
 Prompts for Showing 1
 Prompts for Showing 2
 Prompts for Showing 3
 Higher Order Concerns (HOCs) and Lower Order Concerns (LOCs)
 Avoid Fragments
 Comma Splices
 Concision Exercise
 Five Paragraph Essay Sample