Application Tips

Apply Early
Completing your financial aid forms correctly and submitting them by the priority deadline increases your potential to receive maximum financial aid for which you are eligible. Late applicants will be considered on a funds available basis and will be processed in the order of completion.

Read Instructions
Take the time to read all the information you receive with your financial aid application. Completing the FAFSA incorrectly will delay the financial aid process. Read all correspondence received from the Office of Financial Aid and adhere to all requirements.

Estimated Income
It is strongly recommended that you use actual information from a completed income tax return. If tax returns are not completed in time to meet the April 1st priority deadline, estimated data should be reported. Using estimated data on the FAFSA increases the chance of being selected for verification, which may lead to the reduction and/or cancellation of your award.

Check with St. Thomas University’s Bobcat Enrollment Center on the status of your application by calling 305-474-6900 or visiting the center, located at the west entrance of the Dooner Building. You may also access your award letter online by logging in to WebAdvisor. You will be notified by mail once your file has been evaluated.

Respond Quickly
If additional information is requested by the Federal Processor or the Office of Financial Aid, respond quickly. A delay in your response may jeopardize your eligibility for financial aid.

Keep Good Records
Make a file for all your financial aid forms and correspondence. Photocopy all of your completed application materials and your taxes for your records before submitting.