Available Work Study Positions

Please contact the appropriate person below to inquire about available positions within a specific department: 

Department  Contact Person Number 
IPM  Cynthia Rose 305-628-6641
COMM.ARTS/ENG/HUM  Marcela Moyano 305-474-6840
MAIL/DUPLICATING Mark Rogers 305-628-6545 
OFFICE OF RECORDS Ana Marrero  305-474-6950
BOBCAT ENROLLMENT CENTER  Ana Nardo  305-474-6932
FIN AID AMERICA READS  Lilybeth Perdomo 305-474-6960
INST. FOR EDUCATION Walter Cegelka 305-474-6859
FINANCIAL AFFAIRS> Traci Martin  305-474-6982
FINANCIAL AID Lilybeth Perdomo 305-474-6960
DEAN STUDENT AFFAIR  Angela Toth 305-474-6869
DEPT. OF BUSINESS ADMIN. Carmen Barberis 305-628-6674
NAT. SCI/MATH.COMPUTER   Pia Marsh 305-628-6574
UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS Merlyn Napoles 305-628-6544
ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT Monica Hilversum-Perez 305-628-6631 
OIT Yanessy Miranda 305-628-6708 
ATHLETICS  Laura Courtley-Todd  305-628-6677
UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Gretel La Guardia 305-474-6862
STUDENT CENTER DEPARTMENT (Grads Only)  Toni Mountain 305-628-6687 
LAW SCHOOL - Office of Student Affairs Andres Marrero 305-474-2409
HISTORY/PHILOSOPHY  Elizabeth Ferrero  305-628-6650 

Click here for a list of job descriptions. 

Work Study Pay Rates

Pay rates are based on grade level from the beginning of the academic year.

  Regular Work Study 
(per hour)  
America Reads
(per hour) 
Freshmen (0-29 Credits) $8.00 $10.00
Sophmores (30-59 Credits) $8.25 $10.00
Juniors & Seniors (60-120 Credits) $8.75 $10.00

If you are awarded Work Study (WS), whether it is Federal Work Study (FWS) or St. Thomas Work Study (STU), the amount shown in your award letter is the total amount of money you may expect to earn during the award period as a result of work performed. If you are accepting the award, you will receive an email which will include your Work Study packet, the link to our online training, and the Mandatory Training form. Failure to complete and submit the required forms by the deadline given will result in the cancellation of your WS award. To maintain eligibility for WS, students must be enrolled full-time and maintain satisfactory academic progress. WS students may work up to 7 hours a day with a half hour lunch break and a maximum of 15 hours per week.