Work Study: Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for completion of the following paperwork before commencing employment: Employment Application, I-9 (for INS), New Employee Data Form, W4, and Mandatory Training Completion form. Failure to complete these documents will result in time sheets not being processed for payment. All students, whether new or returning, must complete these forms.

Students are responsible for submitting his/her time sheet each pay period to WebAdvisor according to the established timesheet schedule. Failure to do this will result in a paycheck not being issued until the next pay date based upon further approval. 

Student employees may not work more than seven (7) hours a day with a half lunch hour break and fifteen (15) hours per week. 

Students may not work during university holidays, and may not work in more than one department during the same pay period. 

Student employees must not work during scheduled class times. 

Student employees must maintain a satisfactory academic standing according to University policy.

Student employees must be enrolled in at least a part-time basis (6 credit hours) during the Fall and Spring semesters, and at least three (3) credit hours in the Summer semester.