Graduate Transfer Credits

Transfer credit is not automatic. Graduate work completed at another accredited school prior to enrollment at St. Thomas University may be accepted as transfer credit if the course work parallels courses offered in the student's graduate program at St. Thomas.
In General:
  1. Students may transfer a maximum of twelve (12) hours of graduate level coursework to be applied to a St. Thomas graduate degree.
  2. Transfer credits will be accepted only from regionally accredited colleges and Universities within the United States. International credit transfer requests must be approved by the Program Coordinator and the appropriate Dean.
  3. It is the responsibility of the student to provide official copy(s) of transcript(s) and both a catalog course description and course syllabus of the work intended to be transferred to be eligible to receive transfer credit.
  4. Acceptable course work will be transferred only if it is "equivalent" to a St. Thomas course allowed in the student's degree program. Students may not take an "equivalent" course at St. Thomas and also receive transfer credit for the same course.
  5. Transfer credit for coursework will be accepted only for courses completed prior to the student's enrollment in the St. Thomas University Graduate Program.
  6. Graduate transfer credits may not have been course work which was part of the work used to complete the student's undergraduate degree.
  7. Transfer credit must be completed during the first semester/term of the graduate student's fully accepted enrollment in a St. Thomas Graduate Program.
  8. Credits for courses transferred will not be included in the calculation of the Grade Point Average at St. Thomas University.
  9. Only grades of B or higher may be applied as transferred credit.

A student requesting transfer credit must file a written request with the required documentation to the Program Coordinator during the first semester of enrollment. Verification of all documents is the responsibility of the appropriate Program Coordinator. No requests for transfer of credit will be honored after the first semester of graduate study.
Master of Divinity Exception
Students transferring into the Master of Divinity program are eligible for a transfer of up to 24 graduate credits.