The Office of Financial Affairs

Veterans’ Affairs/Vocational Rehabilitation

All 1905 forms for Vocational Rehabilitation Veterans (Chapter 31) should be submitted to the Office of Financial Affairs (Business Office) at the beginning of each term. It is the student’s responsibility making sure that the 1905 is submitted to the office. A detailed tuition invoice will be submitted to the V.A. liaison after the 8th day of the term.  

If you have any questions, please contact:

Katrina Everett-Marksman
Student Accounts Representative/Perkins Assistant
Phone:  305-474-6983
Fax:  305-628-6541

Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31 Procedures

1.    Veterans apply with VA Form 22-1990.

2.    Schools certify enrollments with VA Form 22-1905 which is supplied by Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment personnel

3.    All courses, programs, etc., approved through and contacts through each veteran’s individually assigned VOC REHAB counselor

4.    Veteran must have service connected disability which causes an employment handicap

5.    Must be counseled by VA counselors & placed by them in a program which is deemed by VA to be suitable for his/her aptitude, needs, and abilities

6.    Pays a monthly stipend to veteran and directly reimburses the school for tuition, fees, books, and supplies

7.    Entitlement is generally a maximum of 48 months, but can be extended with prior approval

8.    Veterans usually must apply within 12 years of discharge from active duty