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Application Requirements

Please complete an application form and provide the information requested (see How to apply) to be considered for admission to the Master of Laws Program in Environmental Sustainability. The Admissions Committee will consider complete applications only.

Please note: The St. Thomas Law Graduate Program in Environmental Sustainability strongly encourages applicants to use the LSAC’s credential assembly service. The Program will waive the application fee of $60 for any applicant who uses LSAC’s LL.M. Credential Assembly Service (LL.M. CAS). See www.LSAC.org.

International students applying to the LL.M. program must submit their application through the Law School Admission Council, www.lsac.org. All LL.M.-E.S. applicants educated outside the United States must use LSAC’s International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service as well as LL.M. CAS. Please notify us directly, at environmentLLM@stu.edu of your intention to apply.

Application Form
How to apply

Application Deadlines
Applications to the Master of Laws in Environmental Sustainability may be sent at any time throughout
the year. Applications received after July 31 of the current year will be considered for the following academic year. Applicants will be informed of the decision regarding their candidacy within three weeks of receiving completed application materials.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition at St. Thomas Law is $972 per credit; $23,328 for 24 credits.
The application fee is $60. St. Thomas University charges an administrative fee of $500 yearly. 
All full-time students must pay a Health Insurance fee of approximately $1,000 yearly; this fee is waived if they can provide proof of insurance.
The book fee is $1,200.