Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy

Program Director: Barbara Buzzi, Ph.D., LMFT
Academic Credentials: Ph.D. Leadership in Education/Specialization in Counseling
(Barry University); M.S. Family Therapy (St. Thomas University); B.S.N. Nursing
(Barry University
Contact Information: Office Phone: 305-628-6584; email: bbuzzi@stu.edu
The Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate program is designed to meet the needs
of individuals who desire specialized training in marriage and family therapy and
possess at least a Master’s degree in counseling or a related field.
The MFT Certificate will appeal to licensed clinical social workers, mental health
counselors, psychologists and advanced registered nurse practitioners desiring dual
licensure as marital and family therapists. The curriculum would also provide the
family counseling training that guidance counselors need to deal most effectively with
the family issues of their students and their parents and siblings. The MFT certificate
allows those with graduate degrees in other disciplines, such as Pastoral Counseling
and Human Resources, to specialize in an area of interest to them. Counselors with
family therapy training are increasingly needed in the areas of juvenile justice, early
childhood development, pastoral care and employee assistance.
Average Tuition Cost: $11,955
Average cost of textbooks: $625 
The Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy consists of five marriage and
family therapy specialization courses and one practicum in a marriage and family
therapy setting.
CPS 740 Introduction to Family Therapy and Evaluation 3
CPS 741 Transitions in Family Life 3
CPS 742 Intermediate Family Therapy 3
CPS 743 Therapeutic Issues of Counseling Couples 3
CPS 746 Human Sexuality Counseling 3
CPS 792 Field Experience in Marriage and Family Therapy 3
A minimum of two courses must be completed before beginning field work. A
maximum of one course would be allowed for transfer credit, with the approval of the
academic advisor. Students must pass a capstone exam assessing their specialized
knowledge and skills.
Admissions and academic requirements are: the appropriate graduate degree, 3.0 or
higher GPA in graduate course work, two letters of recommendation, and
recommendation after an interview by an MFT faculty member.
Certificate Student Learning Outcomes. The Certificate in Marriage and Family
Therapy candidate are:
1. Prepared as a professional marriage and family therapist, with
compassion, multicultural sensitivity and skill.
2. Able to bring therapeutic change to individuals, couples, and families, based on
family systems theory and practice.
3. Have completed the educational requirements that demonstrate a focused
course of advanced study in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Certificate Student Learning Outcomes Assessment: These outcomes are
assessed through:
1. Passage of the Capstone Exam in CPS 742 Intermediate Family Therapy
2. Field supervisor evaluation scores of 3 or above on all items in the Field
Supervisor Evaluation process.

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