The Study of Loss & Healing

Program Description
The graduate certificate program of The Study of Loss & Healing consists of five (5)
courses: Spirituality & Death, Culture & Death, Counseling the Dying & Caregiver,
Crisis Intervention & Management, and Special Issues in Grieving & Loss-as well as a
clinical internship (field experience). The goal is to promote compassionate and
holistic care among professionals, spiritual leaders, and caregivers working with the
dying, the bereaved, and others experiencing loss. Through an interdisciplinary
approach, this Certificate will cultivate a healing community dedicated to
understanding and embracing the diverse cultural, societal, psychological, and
spiritual aspect of the grief experience.
Average Tuition Cost: $11,955

Average cost of textbooks: $625
Program Requirements. Certificate recipients must complete five of the following courses.
STM 570 Spirituality & the Death & Dying Process 3
CPS 753 Crisis Intervention and Management 3
CPS 754 Counseling Needs of the Dying & Their Families/Caregivers 3
CPS 755 Culture and Death 3
CPS/STM 757 Special Issues in Grieving and Loss 3
CPS 790 Field Experience in MHC I 3
CPS 792 Field Experience in MFT I 3
STM 791 Practicum I 1
STM 792 Practicum II 1
STM 793 Practicum III 1
Admission requirements are:
1. A bachelor’s degree in a Human Services field or a bachelor's degree with
significant experience in the area of human services.
2. A two-three page autobiographical essay
3. Two letters of recommendation
4. An interview with the program director

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