Employment Opportunities

Students graduating with our BS in Mathematics may be hired by a wide variety of industries, agencies and institutions. Some possible paths include:
  • Business sector (Actuaries, Risk and Market Analyst, Database Management)
  • Engineering sector (Fluid dynamics, Hydrology, Structural analysis, Business Engineering)
  • Computer sector (Internet Security and Cyber-forensics, Programmer, New Program Test-bed)
  • Life Sciences (Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, Database Analyst, Computer Support)
  • NASA (Programmer, Database Analyst, Computer Support, Modeling)
  • NOAA and National Weather Service (Programmer, Statistics, Database Analyst)
  • National Security, FBI, CIA (Strategic Settings, Conflict Resolution, Database Analyst, Programmer)
  • US Department of Agriculture (Statistical Analysis, Agro-meteorology, Programmer, Database Analyst)
  • US Department of Health and Statistics (Statistical Analysis, Database Programmer, Analyst)
  • Education (Middle School and High School Teacher)
  • Graduate assistant in graduate programs.

Updated information about current job offerings and trends in Mathematics may be obtained from the following sources: