Private Alternative Loans

Alternative loans are available through commercial lenders for educational costs during periods of enrollment. They are based on credit-worthiness (meaning that the lender will do a credit check). We recommend that students request a copy of their credit report to check for accuracy and that all valid credit problems are addressed before applying for an alternative loan.

We strongly suggest that students submit a FAFSA and seek federal loan assistance before attempting to participate in any alternative loan programs.

Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification

Before disbursement of any private education loan can occur, the private loan self certification form must be completed and submitted to your lender.

  1. Following the instructions included on the form below.
  2. In order to complete Section 3 of the form, you will need to access: 
    1. Your Cost of Attendance to complete Section 3, Item A 
    2. Your Estimated Financial Aid by following these instructions: 
      1. Log-in to MyBobcat 
      2. Under the "Web Advisor menu", select "Financial Aid Award letter" and select the year. 
      3. Write the total of your estimated financial aid award on Section 3, Item B of the form. 
      4. Complete Section 3, Item C using the formula on the form. 
      5. If you have any questions, please contact Bobcat Enrollment Center at (305) 474-6900.
  3. Submit this form to your lender once completed; do not submit this form to Bobcat Enrollment Center or Financial Aid Office. 

International students may be eligible for alternative loans.

To compare lender benefits and apply for a Private Loan click here.

ATTENTION: Please be sure to use our school code 001468 when appliying for a Private Loan.