Student Loan Code of Conduct

1. Students and parents have the right to select any lender.
If the University suggests any lenders, it will be based solely on borrower incentives for on-time repayment, an established track-record of efficient loan processing, timely delivery of funds, excellent customer service and who will remain in this program long term. Should the students and/or parents select a lender that does not have an electronic process; the University will work with that lender to facilitate the paper process for the student.

2. University employees should receive no personal benefit.
No employee of the University shall accept anything of more than nominal value on his or her behalf or on behalf of another person or entity from any Lending Institution in exchange for being included on a lender list or in exchange for any special treatment.

3. University employees should not serve on lender advisory boards for remuneration.
No employee of the University who makes financial aid decisions for the University or who is employed in, supervises or otherwise has responsibility or authority over the University's financial aid office shall receive any remuneration for serving as a member or participant of a student loan advisory board of a Lending Institution or any reimbursement of expenses for such service.

4. The University prohibits any agent employee of a lender from staffing the financial aid office at any time, or communicating with the University's students or their parents in such a manner as to create the impression that the Lending Institution is an employee or agent of the University.