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Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling

Trends over the past decade including mandatory licensure, certification and accountability to third parties, have substantially broadened the practice scope and responsibilities of the professional counselor, increasing employment opportunities in mental health agencies, schools, hospitals and private practices. Coupled with these trends is an increasing diversity among those seeking direct mental health services in terms of age, ethnicity, cultural background, lifestyle, and socioeconomic status. With an exceedingly diverse consumer base, counselors face an increasingly challenging array of issues such as chemical dependency, child and elder abuse, juvenile delinquency, divorce, physical disability and terminal illness. 

The Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling provides graduate students with the concepts and beginning clinical competencies required to effectively facilitate and manage the process of intrapersonal and interpersonal change. Students are equipped to assist others through a helping relationship in achieving optimal mental health through personal and social adjustment, development, and prevention. Mental Health Counseling students may also obtain a Specialization Certificate in Child and Adolescent Studies.   

Academic Program
The Mental Health Counseling curriculum offers the graduate student foundation and specialization courses designed to enhance theoretical knowledge and counseling skills, as well as personal and professional development. Coursework emphasizes the exploration of social, professional, and personal issues and values as they influence the provision of mental health services. Throughout the program, students are expected to demonstrate practical application of their knowledge and development through projects, papers, presentations, and fieldwork. Prospective students with less than a 3.0 undergraduate GPA will be required to take a writing assessment in order to be considered for admission. View the MHC program coursework

While the development of the Mental Health Counseling curriculum is guided by state requirements, matriculating and prospective students are encouraged to direct questions regarding licensure to the Florida Department of Health

For more information, please contact Dr. Lawrence Rubin at lrubin@stu.edu or call (305) 628-6585.