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Joint Degree Programs in Sports Administration

People who know sports administration know St. Thomas University. St. Thomas was a pioneer in sports administration education having started the first undergraduate program in 1973 and today offers one of the most highly esteemed programs in the country. Since 1977, St. Thomas’ sports administration program has been a national leader in graduate sports administration/management education. Professionals from all areas of sports and athletics are engaged in lending counsel and instruction through adjunct professorships, classroom presentations, volunteer opportunities, and internships. Throughout the year, leaders from the sports industry are invited to be speakers on specific topics related to sports management. 
Sports Administration Degree University
Aaron Gray (JD/MS ’13) and Erik Bromley (MS ’12) in the dugout at Ranger Stadium during the Baseball Winter Meetings

Since most U.S. colleges and universities with law schools have added joint degree programs to fulfill the educational needs of law students who want to succeed in the business world today. These colleges and universities have gained a competitive advantage when compared to colleges and universities that do not provide this program. As no two students are the same, neither should they be forced into only one degree option. Therefore, two sports administration master’s degree options are available to St. Thomas law students, i.e., a Joint Juris Doctor (Law) and Master of Science in Sports Administration (JD/MS-SA) and a Joint JD (Law) and Master of Business Administration in Sports Administration (JD/MBA-SA). A joint JD/MS-SA or a JD/MBA-SA degree program offers clear benefits to its law students who are eager to pursue opportunities in not only sports but in entertainment in general.

The faculties of the Law School and the School of Business work in close collaboration to offer students the opportunity to complete both the JD and a Master’s-SPO degree in the three years it typically takes to complete the JD degree alone. The Business School and the Law School have agreed to accept credits for courses taken at the other school, thereby reducing the total number of credits otherwise needed for both degrees. Participants thus complete both degrees, receiving a diploma for each, in a reduced period with reduced overall costs.

For the St. Thomas law student interested in working as a college athletics compliance officer, sports agent, commissioner of sports leagues or conferences, or any number of other sports-related legal careers, the joint degrees in Sports Administration are excellent options. Students receive a first-rate legal education through the School of Law, while taking specialized sports administration classes towards their master's degree. Classes in sports administration will provide students with the unique skills necessary for success in this area through courses in sports financial management, sports marketing and promotions, sports media and public relations, etc.

For further information on these programs, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Jan Bell at 305.628.6634 or jbell@stu.edu.