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It is the mission of Sports Administration at St. Thomas University to develop and support professionals within the sports' industries by providing exceptional educational instruction and opportunities for professional experiential growth. Sports Administration, within the School of Business, is committed to establishing local and international relationships with organizations and industry leaders in order to strengthen all areas of educational programming, and industry operations. It is our goal to provide an invaluable service to local and international economical landscapes of the industry through research and professional development.
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About the Degree Program
Like to be down in front—courtside, ringside, or on the sidelines at the 50-yard line? If you’re not game to be a player, mascot, or coach, you can still catch all the action up close and personal as by working alongside the team, players, or even the partnership organization.
Sports administration lets you participate in—and cash in on—the exciting world of sports from a business standpoint. In this major, you’ll learn about sports themselves (perhaps focusing on one or two in particular) plus the psychological principles at work behind them and how sports fit into our society. But you’ll also gain a strong foundation of knowledge in the field of business, examining how the worlds of business and sports interact and how you can make those interactions more profitable and beneficial for every person and interest involved.
The way we think of sports has drastically changed over the years; these days few people would say that a sport is “just a game.” Indeed, sports provide serious entertainment and big business in this country, and sports managers are crucial to ensuring that the players, fans, coaches, and financial backers coexist peacefully. You’ll learn how to market sports effectively and how to plan events, diving into the areas of sports publicity, coaching, and administration. An interdisciplinary field, sports administration encompasses elements of economics, accounting, marketing, psychology, law, and communications.
Students who major in sports administration go on to pursue careers as agents, managers, publicists, and many other positions in the sports industry. Sports administration is a broad field, and the knowledge you acquire about both business and sports makes for a whole arena of action-packed possibilities.
-The Princeton Review