Human Rights at St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University School of Law is a law school committed to human rights—committed to training the next generation of human rights advocates through our LL.M. and J.S.D. programs, committed to making information accessible and available to those currently working in the field through services such as the Diplomacy Monitor, committed to helping those in need in our own community through projects such as the Human Rights Institute, and committed to shining a light on global human rights issues through initiatives such as our conferences on human trafficking.

Our internationally acclaimed LL.M./J.S.D. Programs in Intercultural Human Rights started in August 2001 with the LL.M. Program in Intercultural Human Rights. Today it has expanded into a powerful tool of education and scholarship consisting of the following components:

Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program in Intercultural Human Rights
The graduates of the LL.M. Program in Intercultural Human Rights have come from over 65 countries of the world, and from all over the U.S. They are our ambassadors in the struggle for protection of human dignity working with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Volunteers, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Council of Europe, African Union, International Organization for Migration, World Bank, OXFAM, the Red Cross etc.; successfully litigating cases in courts; working for governments and in academia; or running their own NGOs.

Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) Program in Intercultural Human Rights
In academic year 2005-2006 we proudly introduced our Charter J.S.D. Class, the crème de la crème of our graduates, who will be researching and seeking for solutions in the fields of international criminal law, corporations’ social responsibility, indigenous peoples’ rights, the governance of the internet, IMF conditionalities and human rights, human trafficking, the right to privacy, etc.

Intercultural Human Rights Law Review
The Intercultural Human Rights Law Review is an annual journal committed to exploring new directions and perspectives in the struggle for human rights, justice, and equality. Striving to be a useful resource for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners, the 2006 inaugural issue is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking and the elaboration of The Miami Declaration of Principles on Human Trafficking.

International Moot Court 
The St. Thomas International Moot Court (IMC) is an honors organization that focuses in the study and application of international law. The IMC encourages law students to look outside U.S. borders and discover new ways to apply law with matters that affect people world-wide.

Susan J. Ferrell Intercultural Human Rights Moot Court Competition
In January 2005, St. Thomas University School of Law inaugurated the annual Susan J. Ferrell Intercultural Human Rights Moot Court Competition. The goal of this competition is to promote awareness of international law of human rights among law students; to provide practical experience arguing cases before the International Court of Justice; to provide a forum for fruitful dialog on cutting-edge issues.

Human Rights Institute
The St. Thomas University Human Rights Institute promotes the dignity of every human being through research and education on human rights issues, social advocacy, and direct service to individuals and families whose human are threatened or have been violated.

St. Thomas University School of Law’s location in Miami, one of the most diverse cultural centers in the U.S. and an international gateway, provides the perfect venue for the study of human rights and international issues. At St. Thomas University School of Law we will continue to be on the forefront of human rights issues.