Bobcat Enrollment Center FAQ's

How can I request a user name and password if I have forgotten them?
If you do not have your user name and password, you may retrieve them from by clicking What's My User Name or ID from the left menu, to retrieve your password click Forgot My Password or Pin, you may also click here to access the PIN Number Request form.

Will I be able to meet with an academic advisor at any time?
Staff from the Academic Enhancement Center is available to assist first year students and undeclared majors year round; all other students will need to meet with the academic advisor assigned to them by their school of study.

How can I drop a class?

A Course Withdrawal Form needs to be completed, and signed by both the academic advisor and the student. Form needs to be submitted at the Bobcat Enrollment Center.

If I drop a class will it affect my eligibility for financial aid?

Dropping below full time (12-17 credits) will render you ineligible to receive certain grants, and scholarships and your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. Before dropping a course check with an Enrollment Services Specialist to determine how dropping a course will affect your financial aid.

Where can I get a catalog?

Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs are available online here.

Is a fee required to get official transcripts?
St. Thomas University will process 3 free transcripts every calendar year, all additional requests will cost $15. Express transcripts cost $25 and are processed within 24 hours for pick-up or mail via FedEx next day service.

My company offers tuition reimbursements. Do I have to submit a special form to the school?

Yes, most companies use a standardized form that they will provide you with along with instructions on any other items needed, such as a Transcript or an Invoice or Tuition Payment Receipt.  You can submit the form from your company to the Bobcat Enrollment Center. Transcripts are requested online at, click here to request an Invoice or Tuition Payment Receipt.

How can I get a student ID card?

Students are required to provide a valid government-issued ID including, but not limited to driver license, passport or state ID. For replacement ID cards a fee of $10 will be charged to the student account, and payment is required at time of request.

Do I have to enroll in the university health plan?

St. Thomas University requires that all full-time students and international students have health insurance. At the time of registration a health insurance fee will automatically be charged for all full time and international students and will appear on their schedule. Fulltime students who have their own private health insurance need to complete the health insurance waiver here by the deadline shown on their schedules in order to have this charge reversed. Waiving health insurance will not be an option after the established deadline.  All international students are required to be enrolled in the school health insurance plan, even if they have international health insurance plans.

How and where can I get a parking decal?

Before a paerking decal can be obtained, you must complete an online paarking application here, once this application is completed you may pick up your parking decal at the guardhouse by the main entrance. You must show proof of car insurance, driver’s license, vehicle registration and registration statement in order to be given a parking decal.

There is an error on my student bill, who can I speak with about it?
An Enrollment Service Specialist at the Bobcat Enrollment Center can check your student account to determine if an error was made on your account and if so to help correct it

Where can I get a schedule of courses for next semester?

The schedule of courses is available on A log in is not required to view schedules. Click here for a list of important deadlines.

How can I get credit to purchase my books?
When ever you apply for financial aid, you can apply for additional funds for your books.  Those additional funds will be issued to you upon your request in the form of Gift Cards.  These gift cards are to be used at our campus bookstore only; you may visit the Bobcat Enrollmen Center to request a gift card from one of the Enrollment Service Specialists.  We encourage all students to obtain an estimated value of their total cost of books and supplies directly from Follett's Bookstore before requesting gift cards.  Please note that Gift Cards do not expire but are non refundable.