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Degree/Certificate Application Deadlines: February 20th June 29th October 10th
Degree/Certificate Application Deadlines: July 22th October 7th January 30th

Diploma/Certificate Clearance Form

Diploma/Certificate Distribution Information
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9:00am to 5:00pm
Please note the center is open 9:00am - 3:00pm, every first Friday of each month.

Diploma/Certificate Distribution Checklist

Graduate Business Certificate Policy
Graduate Business Certificates are a means by which individuals may increase their knowledge and skills by completing four courses in a certificate discipline.  Certificates must be applied for through the Office of Admissions at St. Thomas University and completed no later than one year after successful program degree completion.  The graduate business certificate cannot be earned before completion of the degree in the student's program.  At least one additional course, in addition to those completed for the degree, must be completed to earn the certificate.

*Please see your advisor and/or the program coordinator for more information.

Degree/Certificate Application Process
Notification emails are sent to all qualified students as a reminder to apply for the next upcoming degree posting date. Once the graduation deadline has passed, the student’s file is reviewed and letters are sent via FedEx only to those students not approved for graduation. The letter specifies in detail the missing requirements for graduation. If you receive a "not approved" letter, please contact the School associated with your academic program.

NOTE: Those students not approved for graduation must re-apply before the next degree/certificate application deadline.