Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I attend my designated Graduation Expo event, do I need to attend any make-up dates?
2. Will my picture appear in the Commencement program book if I take pictures on during the Graduation Expo?
3. I applied for graduation or I have my diploma, but I have not received any information regarding any of the graduation activities, what do I need to do?
Correspondences are sent regularly directly to all eligible graduates via your STU email address, which is the official mode of communication. If you have not activated your STU email account it is recommended that you do or you will not receive important graduation information. You may, however, obtain all graduation information by accessing the STU website and clicking on the Current Students link.

4. How can I obtain information regarding graduation activities?
All information is available on the STU web; click on the Current Students link for the most up to date information.
5. Do I have to pay for my cap and gown?
No, there is no cost for the cap and gown. All graduating students with plans of participating in the ceremony must order the appropriate cap and gown on during their designated Graduation Expo date or the make-up date. There will be no other opportunity to place cap and gown orders. You may keep your cap and gown.
6. I am a graduate student can I use my undergraduate cap and gown?
No, the cap and gown for graduate students is different from those for undergraduate students.
7. I’m graduating with honors, when will I get my honor cord?
Undergraduate honor students will receive their honor cord(s) when they receive their caps and gowns. Graduate students do not receive honor cord(s). Graduate students will receive written notification regarding academic honors and honor cords from the Office of Student Affairs.
8. How many guests can I have at the graduation ceremony?
Each graduating student may have eight (8) guests. Each guest must have an admission ticket for the ceremony.
9. How many announcements and tickets do we get for graduation?
All graduating students will receive eight (8) announcements and eight (8) tickets (one per guest).
10. Is it mandatory that I attend the Baccalaureate Mass?
No, but we do encourage your attendance.
11. One of my guests attending the commencement ceremony is handicapped and will require special seating, how can this be arranged?
E-mail us at three weeks prior to the commencement ceremony with all the pertinent information so we can make the necessary arrangements.
12. I missed the deadline to apply for the upcoming commencement; can I still apply?
No, but you may apply for the following commencement ceremony.
13. Are the diplomas distributed at the commencement ceremony?
No. The Office of Registration and Records Management will contact all graduating students via mail as to when diplomas will be available for pick-up or delivery.
14. Are caps and gowns required for the Baccalaureate Mass?
Only the gown and hood (if applicable) should be worn over proper church attire for the Baccalaureate Mass.
15. What time should I arrive for Baccalaureate Mass?
You should arrive at O’Malia Hall Breezeway for line up at 6:30pm.
16. What time must I arrive at the Fernandez Family Center for Leadership & Wellness for the graduation ceremony?
December Graduates:   8:30am
May Graduates:              12:30pm

17. If I arrive late to the graduation ceremony, what should I do?
A member of the graduation staff will direct graduates arriving late to the ceremony as to when they can join the ceremony.