School of Business

Graduate Certificates
General Information

Cost: Each certificate consists of 12 credit-hours (four courses of three credit-hours each). The cost of a certificate is $797 per credit, or $9,564.00.

Textbook Cost Information: Since students can select four courses from an array of courses, and since book costs will vary from course to course, the typical textbook cost for each certificate is computed by the following formula:

Total Book Cost
# Courses         X 4 selected courses = Average Book cost per certificate

For more information on the following School of Business graduate certificates, please visit the School of Business website and/or view our course catalog:  

  • Certificate in Finance 
  • Certificate in Forensic Accounting 
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Justice Administration
  • Management Accounting
  • Public Management
  • Sports Administration
  • Taxation