Professional Writing Certificate

The Professional Writing Certificate allows a student to develop writing and research skills while broadening a personal appreciation of grammar, rhetoric and types of professional writing.

Estimated Tuition Cost: $14,346.00
Estimated Cost of Books: $360.00

Employment Opportunities:
In conjunction with a B.A. degree, the certificate in Professional Writing prepares the individual for various positions in business, education, communications, and public service that require advanced skills in writing reports, directives, descriptions and narratives grounded in a historical perspective and in an appreciation of cultural diversity.

ONET Code:  27-3042.00
Program Requirements (18 credits)
Core courses (9 credits)
303 Multimodal Research and Writing
ENC 373 Grammar and Rhetoric in Writing
ENC 403 Professional and Technical Writing and Editing

Electives (9 credits)
ENC 495 Special Topics in English Professional Writing
ENC 497 Professional Writing Internship I
ENC 498 Professional Writing Internship II
ENC 499 Professional Writing Internship III
ENG 200 Scientific Writing
ENG 322 Forms of Drama
ENC 333 Creative Writing
ENG 355 Modern Aspects of Poetry
ENG 358 Modern Short Story
COM 303 Writing for Television
COM 343 Introduction to Print Journalism Writing
Program Student Learning Outcomes: Those who complete the Professional Writing Certificate requirements are able to:
1. write well at an advanced level,
2. perform research and produce effective research essays,
3. demonstrate a familiarity with techniques identifying major genre.