Master of Arts in Communication Arts: Specialization in Electronic Media Arts

The specialization in Electronic Media Arts focuses on film, television, and video gaming. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students gain a comprehensive understanding of electronic media. This specialization would be an asset for either an academic or business career in media because it provides a competitive edge in the media workplace or prepares students for continuing their education in a doctoral program.

Outcomes for the Specialization in Electronic Media Arts

Students who successfully complete the program will have a comprehensive understanding of the major areas of electronic media: film, television and video gaming. This understanding will include:

  • The history and development of the media
  • The social impact of the media
  • Film and gaming theory
  • Familiarity with cutting-edge media and convergence of media
  • Practical knowledge of film festivals and gaming tournaments
  • The fundamentals of media production
  • The fundamentals of business structure

All students will have the skills to undertake academic research in these areas and will have a solid background in theory and ethics.

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