Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

The goal of the Communication Arts major is to graduate students who are media literate. The program prepares students to work in diverse communication environments. Students acquire competencies in a total communicative approach that emphasizes critical thinking, articulation skills in both the spoken and written word, and production experience. Additional course work draws from such areas as art, humanities, literature, business, computer science, and psychology.

Program Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Program Outcomes: The BA in Communication Arts curriculum is guided by eight learning outcomes to support the Institute’s goals. Student will:

  1. Acquire and demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  2. Develop and integrate the ability to write in an articulate, complex, and clear manner.
  3. Develop skills to identify and produce quality production materials for their area of study.
  4. Develop skills to express themselves orally in a clear, articulate, and intelligent manner in a variety of situations.
  5. Develop skills to be proficient in current technology.
  6. Be familiar with, value, and demonstrate cultural competence in a multi-cultural environment.
  7. Understand the power of media and the ethical use of that power.
  8. Establish and develop leadership skills.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment: These outcomes are measured through course performance, programmatic pre- and post-testing, and internship portfolio in the internship capstone course with an assessment rubric.

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