Master in Executive Management

The Master in Executive Management (MEM) strives to create effective leaders through a program that synthesizes cutting-edge concepts and the student’s professional experiences. This program serves adults who wish to advance their careers. The degree is for persons who hold managerial, executive and other leadership positions in industry, government and non-profit organizations. Students gain first-hand knowledge of current practices and trends using a mixture of theory and practice.

The Master in Executive Management is designed to create the following:
  • Leaders of organizational change and management
  • Strategic thinkers within the workplace
  • Researchers who will employ critical and creative analysis
  • Ethical decision makers
  • Collaborative team communicators

The students in the Master in Executive Management program are normally enrolled in a cohort format and students in each cohort take classes together. The program starts and ends at the same time for each cohort. 

Full-time Enrollment
The MEM program can be completed in one year, consisting of three terms. Each term contains four courses of approximately eight weeks in duration. During the first eight weeks of the term, students will take two courses concurrently. The remaining two courses will start upon completion of the first two courses for another eight weeks.

Part-time Enrollment
The MEM program can also be completed part-time over a two year period, consisting of six terms. During each term a student will enroll in a minimum of two courses. Part-time students must complete all courses in the sequence in which they are offered.

Course Delivery
Courses are offered online. Start dates are in January, May, and August.

For additional information, please contact:

Allison Hudson

Program Director
Masters in Executive Management
St. Thomas University
16401 NW 37th Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL. 33054
305-628-6758 (f)