Clinics, Externships and Internships

The St. Thomas University School of Law is committed to training students to be effective, ethical advocates, and to instill in them a devotion to justice and a desire to provide legal services to underserved communities.

As part of this commitment, the law school offers a wide variety of clinic, externship and internship placements. These settings cover such areas as civil and criminal practice, appellate litigation and judicial experience, as well as bankruptcy, domestic and family law, elder, immigration and tax law. St. Thomas Law clinics are very intensive; the typical student-to-teacher ratio is eight-to-one or better.

Students receive careful, individualized attention from full-time and adjunct faculty, as well as the opportunity to collaborate actively with one another in the service of clients’ needs. Undoubtedly, the clinical experience will be demanding, gripping and sometimes exhausting. We trust it also will be an enriching and unique part of the St. Thomas Law education.

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