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Joint Law and Business Programs

The St. Thomas University Master of Business Administration degree is designed for students who are currently in, or plan to enter, responsible positions of management. The MBA program provides a balance between the quantitative and qualitative aspects of management and focuses on the need of the part-time students who may have special concerns because of their employment responsibilities. The MBA also provides an opportunity for full-time students to complete the degree program in as few as eighteen months.

St. Thomas offers a joint J.D. (LAW) and MBA degree with a specialization in Accounting, International Business, or Sports Administration. The joint degree program requires prior acceptance into the University’s School of Law in addition to separate admission into the MBA program.

The Saint Thomas University Master of Business Administration program has full-time and adjunct faculty representing a broad background in management, international business, sports administration, and accounting.

The following Joint MBA/ J.D. (Law) Areas of Specialization are offered:

J.D./M.B.A in Accounting

This degree couples skills traditionally in great demand in the corporate, tax, and accounting worlds. In addition to the intensive graduate accounting curriculum, participants learn the core areas of business and law. The degree is also designed to prepare students with an undergraduate degree in accounting to complete the educational requirements for the CPA exam in Florida. Law school students at St. Thomas University that do not already have an undergraduate degree in accounting are eligible for our undergraduate accounting core courses at a discounted rate. Please contact Dr. Craig Reese at 305-628-6623 or creese@stu.edu for more information on the Graduate Program in Accounting.

J.D./M.B.A. in International Business
Students in the joint J.D./M.B.A. program in International Business gain the skills necessary for success in today’s rapidly changing, global business environment through courses in international economic, international trade law, international business transactions, securities regulation, Cyberlaw, and European Union law. Miami, one of the world’s most active commercial hubs is the perfect venue for this program. Please contact Dr. Raul Carrillo at 305-628-6534 or rcarrillo@stu.edu for more information on the Graduate Program in International Business.

J.D./M.S. in Sports Administration and J.D./M.B.A. in Sports Administration
For the law student interested in working as a college athletics compliance officer, sports agent, commissioner of sports leagues or conferences, or any number of other sports-related legal careers, the J.D./M.S. in Sports Administration is an excellent choice. Students receive a first-rate legal education through the School of Law, while taking specialized sports administration classes towards their Master’s degree at the University. Classes in sports administration provide students with the unique skills necessary for success in this area through courses in sports financial management, sports marketing and promotions, and sports media and public relations. Please contact Dr. Janice Bell at 305-628-6634 or jbell@stu.edu for more information on the Graduate Program in Sports Administration.

Program Information
The program consists of (42) credits, thirty (30) credits for core courses and twelve (12) credits in the area of specialization, except for the accounting and sports administration specializations which require 27 hours of business core and 15 hours in the specialization area. An additional three preparatory courses might be required to provide the needed base-skills for those students who have not successfully completed the following undergraduate equivalencies: accounting-6 credits, economics-6 credits, and business statistics-3 credits. Preparatory courses are offered in-line a one (1) credit hour, self-paced, independent-study format.