Message from the Director

Human dignity is inviolable.

These words are easily spoken – and so tough to make a reality. Violations abound – be they in the form of the cruelest atrocities, be they in the callousness of everyday interactions. Ideals and laws, however well-intentioned, do not enforce themselves. They need the conveyor-belt of human action. Human rights laws, in particular, remain dry parchment unless they are promoted, created and applied by selfless warriors for the respect of others, most importantly, the vulnerable and the oppressed. These advocates urgently require the proper arms to succeed – the intellectual arsenal necessary to win the fight of hearts and minds.

St. Thomas University School of Law offers its unique contribution to this struggle in its distinctive LL.M. (Master of Laws) and J.S.D. (Doctor of the Science of Law) Programs in Intercultural Human Rights. Its Catholic identity makes it an apt place to work in the vineyard for social justice. Its international orientation and commitment to diversity makes it a proper meeting-ground for diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. Beyond the specter of cultures clashing, erupting in violence, it tries to overcome discord and hatred by bringing antagonists together, striving, in intercultural dialogue, to search for a common ground of values that would allow every person on this planet to reach for her ultimate potential.

To this end, role-models of decision-making in the field are flown in from all over the globe – leaving their desks at top-flight universities such as Yale, Berlin, Milan, or the United Nations, European, Inter-American and African human rights bodies to teach the essentials of human rights law in their field of expertise. The students themselves as well as the faculty engage in a rich and fruitful dialogue that will forever change their lives.

We invite you to join us in this exciting experience.