Emergency Preparedness Links

You can use the below links to quickly prepare a Family Disaster Plan, learn the location of evacuation centers, register for a special needs evacuation center, secure information from FEMA (via social media sites) and, register to receive emergency alerts from the Miami Gardens Police Department.
  1. Preparing a Family Disaster Plan - provided by the state of Florida Division of Emergency Management
  2. The Official Miami-Dade County Emergency Operations Center link provides information on:
  3. People with Special Needs/Emergency Evacuation Centers Miami-Dade residents who require daily skilled nursing care, assistance with daily living, or have life-saving medical equipment dependent on electricity should register for the Special Needs & Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program (PSN/EEAP).
  4. The Official FEMA Accounts page contains information on FEMA text messages, social media sites, FEMA’s app and, an app for mobile devices. 
  5. The Miami Gardens Police Department’s Code Red Community Notification System will notify you of emergency situations or send alerts that are critical to the community. Click Here to sign up for the City’s newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for the City’s newsletter.