The University Writing Center (UWC)

Internship Opportunities

The UWC offers students the opportunity to gain work-study experience in professional writing by working as a writing center intern. This internship is designed to give students practical experience in the field of writing, primarily as writing tutors. Interns also gain experience as writing center-based researchers.
Interns are primarily responsible for working one-to-one and in group settings with students of all reading and writing levels. They contribute to the UWC’s educational resources files and do their own independent research in writing center studies. Interns provide feedback to supervisors and program directors regarding the progress students are making.
Interns will be supervised on-site for a predetermined number of hours per week based on the number of credits they are earning. Interns must report to the Internship Supervisor on a weekly basis in regards to outside work.
For more information, contact either:
Dr. James Conley, Program Director
Department of English and Humanities
Biscayne College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
St. Thomas University
(305) 628-6640