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Psychology Program

Psychology Students Serving the Community at a Local
Nursing Home
How do we learn, remember, think, create, feel, cope, interact? Why do babies gurgle or countries go to war? How can we prevent or cure mental illness, help people to manage stress, or produce a better work environment? Psychologists study these questions and many more, for the study of behavior is as varied as behavior itself.

Because human behaviors, thoughts, and emotions form an important part of many academic disciplines, and provide solutions to many societal problems, the study of psychology serves as an excellent background for a wide variety of career and intellectual goals.

Students will explore the different aspects of psychology as it relates to research, the diversity of mankind, and the application of psychological theories. The curriculum lays the foundation both for students who want to pursue graduate school in psychology and those who want to start their career in the mental health profession. We offer a variety of courses, which allow students to focus on a specific area of psychology or incorporate a minor area of study into their degree.

The faculty in the Psychology department actively participates in the undergraduate program. With few exceptions, you will find your courses are taught by full-time faculty members.