Career Workshops & Events

Students interested in discussing any of the below topics with a Career Advisor can call the office to schedule an appointment.  Faculty members are invited to schedule career related workshops for their classes. Please call Career Services at (305) 628-6577 to arrange for the presentation of one of the following topics:
  • Career Decision-Making and the Job Market
  • Choosing a Major with Confidence:  Find Your Passion!
  • Don’t get caught in the Wrong Career
  • Dress for Success:  Learn how to impress!
  • Freshman Checklist:  Preparing for Your Career
  • Getting the Most Out of the Career Expo
  • Going to Grad School
  • Internships:  A Pathway to Your Chosen Career
  • Interviewing Skills:  What You Need Besides Confidence
  • Job Market Outlook
  • Salary Negotiations:  What You Need to Know
  • Skills Employers Seek:  Know What They Do
  • Skills Identification:  Why You Will Make a Great Professional
  • The Economy and Internships
  • Resume tips:  Earn More Money Sooner
  • Other career topics may be considered - please email your suggestions to

Please note that aspects of many of these topics may also be addressed in individual career advising appointments with students.

For a list of current events, please contact Career Services by phone (305-628-6577) or email (