How to search for fellowships?
There are thousands of fellowships available. To focus your search effectively on those fellowships that match your strengths and needs, you will need to take some time to examine your qualifications and goals.

  1. Self-Assessment 
    1. Make a list of the following information
      1. Your Strengths 
      2. Your Goals
  2. Special Eligibility Requirements
    1. Some fellowships are designed to target specific types of individuals. Take advantage of any factors in your background or heritage that may increase your options. Make a list of the following personal information
      1. Your Background and Heritage
  3. Identifying Appropriate Fellowships
    1. The information you have compiled should suggest possible keywords or categories you can use to search and print online listings of fellowships. (examples: minority, Alaska, leadership, humanities, Washington University) Start with general listings, and then move on to more narrowly focused collections. Compile a list of possible fellowship opportunities.
  4. Deciding Which Fellowships to Target
    1. Take a look at your list. For each fellowship,
      1. make sure you meet the confirmed eligibility requirements
      2. make sure your aims are compatible with the goals of the fellowship
    2. Circle those fellowships that seem to provide the strongest match between the fellowship’s requirements and goal and your strengths and future plans.
  5. Applying:  Since the application process is basically the same for most fellowships, applying for one entails just about as much work as applying for several.
    1. Choose 2-6 fellowships to target, including one or two more aggressive ones that might be long shots, and one or two less competitive ones that seem to be reasonable bets.

The Application Process
  • What you will be asked for
    • Every fellowship has its own application form.  However, fellowship selection committees generally ask for:
      • a transcript and extracurricular record 
      • two or more letters of recommendation
      • a personal statement
    • For more competitive fellowships, you may also be asked for
      • a project proposal or plan of study
      • an interview
  • What Makes A Strong Application? 
    • In a strong application, the separate components of the application fit together well, and offer a convincing composite picture of your strengths.

Online Fellowship Database

  • FastWeb: A database of over 1.5 million+ college scholarships. Register at the site by answering a series of questions about your background and interests. Relevant opportunities are placed in a personalized mailbox, which is updated periodically as new listings are added
  • The Financial Aid Information Page: provides descriptions of sources and links to other financial aid sites.