Bobcat Dining Mission Statement and Policies 

Mission Statement 
Our mission is to provide a superior quality dining service experience at STU in the most courteous, timely and cost effective manner possible. Dining Services will maintain its professional and personal contact to the highest standards, promoting excellent customer service throughout our Snack Bar, Catering Services, and Concession operations to all STU Students, Faculty, Staff, Administrators and campus guests. Food selections will be fully complimented with attractive varieties, healthy choices, branded selections, and nutritional information. We will establish nurturing and cooperative relationships with all STU departments and campus related entities. 


Policies & Procedures  
  • All faculty, staff and students must have their ID cards with them to enter the Bobcat Café during regular operating hours. (Board plan holders without ID cards will be charged regular door rate from their Bobcat Bucks) 
  • ID cards and meals are not transferable. If a resident student would like to treat a guest, the resident student can utilize his/her Bobcat Bucks. The resident student must be present to verify this transaction. Any student who gives their ID to another student to use in the Café will have their ID confiscated and must go to the Office of the Dean of Students to retrieve it. 
  • For your safety, you must report all lost or missing ID cards to Campus Life and Bobcat Dining immediately. 
  • The set-up of the dining facility at Bobcat Café allows for an all-you-care-to-eat atmosphere. Meals must be eaten in the dining facility or one to-go box is allowed. Please refer to our Carry Out/To Go Policy  (below). 
  • Patrons are permitted to remove one piece of fruit or dessert (not both) when they are finished eating and are exiting the facility. No exceptions will be made
  • No outside containers may be brought into the dining facility to be utilized for the removal of food or beverages. 
  • Paper cups and plastic silverware are to be utilized for to go meals only. 
  • Patrons who prefer to eat their meal on the outdoor patio must take a to-go box and must adhere to the Carry Out/To Go Policy. 
  • The dining facilities on campus accept Visa & Mastercard. Personal checks will only be accepted for purchase of Commuter Meal Plans and additional Bobcat Bucks.
To Go/Carry Out Policy 
  1. Service includes one entree, one starch, one vegetable, one fruit or one dessert, one drink and plastic silverware. 
  2. Once you elect to sit down to eat, you can no longer remove any food from the dining facility. 
  3. No outside containers may be brought into the dining facility to be utilized for the removal of food or beverages.   
  4. Reminder - You must swipe your ID anytime you enter the dining facility.  Any cards used by other students will be confiscated and turned into the Dean of Students.  Failure to follow these rules will result in forfeiture of your carry out privileges.