Mission Statement
Our mission as the Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness is to enhance the campus climate and enrich the quality of student life for the STU community by embracing all dimensions of wellness.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness is to exceed expectations of those we serve. We will accomplish this by:

  1. Improving the quality of life for those we serve, through the increased awareness and application of all dimensions of wellness.
  2. Providing those we serve with the highest level of service, courtesy, respect, and dignity.
  3. Recruiting, developing, and retaining a committed wellness team.
  4. Developing partnerships with campus department and external agencies in support of our mission.
  5. Assessing the needs of those we serve and by developing and maintaining services and educational programs that are consistent with our mission.
  6. Providing and maintaining high quality facilities and equipment as a means of delivering our services and educational programs to those we serve.
  7. Marketing and promoting multidimensional wellness programs, services and facilities.


Value Statements

Student-Athletes First
View STU students as the primary focus group, but commit to providing all students, faculty and staff with the highest levels of service, courtesy, respect, and dignity.

Recognize that helping members of the campus community understand, develop and embrace a lifelong commitment to wellness in its seven dimensions is the primary reason for our existence.

Expect quality and foster it in the facilities and programming we provide, the staff we employ, and the service we give.

Respect tradition, learn from experience, encourage and support creativity, and embrace change and the opportunities it brings.

Maintain highest standards of professionalism and fiscal responsibility in all our decisions and actions.

Actively engage in progressive thinking and decision-making, assessment, and application of best practice.

Act with honesty, integrity, and high ethical standards in all our endeavors.

Treat everyone with dignity, respect, fairness, and consistency.

Recognize our colleagues and partners as the foundation of our organization and acknowledge that our strength comes from commitment to the mission, communication, embracing our individuality and teamwork, sharing expertise, mutual empowerment and motivation, and celebrating success.

Appreciate and respect diversity of people, ideas, thought, and beliefs; support inclusiveness which creates a sense of community.

Contribute to student development with high quality and challenging experiences through expanding student programs, academic collaborations, leadership initiatives, and information