Exchange Categories

St. Thomas University has only been designated by DOS for the categories of Short-Term Scholar and student.  Designation for additional categories would require filing a petition to amend or add additional categories. 

Short-Term Scholar

Qualifications: Department of State requires Exchange Visitors in the Short-Term Scholar category to a professor or research scholar or someone with similar education and or experience.

Activity: The activity is required to be full-time and temporary. Short-Term Scholars may teach, lecture, observe, consult or perform research, and participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and other types of educational or professional activities.

Length of Stay: Short-Term Scholars may participate for the length of time necessary to complete the program, not exceeding six months. Short-Term Scholars are not permitted to extend their program. Short-Term Scholars have a 30 day grace period after their program ends to leave the US.

Eligibility for Repeat Participation: Regulations permit individuals who have previously participated in an exchange visitor program in the Short-Term Scholar category to begin a new program in any category without delay. Important Note: STU only has designated for Short-Term Scholars.