Concurrent Enrollment

F-1/J-1 Students

F-1 and J-1 students who have been issued an I-20 or DS-2019 by St. Thomas University are required to enroll at St. Thomas full-time (undergraduate 12 credits and masters/doctorate 6 credits), during fall and spring semesters.  It is permissible for students to comply with this requirement by concurrently enrolling in courses at another accredited institution of higher learning (college, university, or English language program); as long as the enrollment in both schools fulfills the full-time requirement.

When recommending/considering concurrent enrollment the below items must be considered to ensure that the student’s non-immigrant’s status is not compromised. Students must also complete the F-1/J-1 Concurrent Enrollment Form prior to engaging in concurrent enrollment.

The student must be enrolled full-time for the entire semester as described in the St. Thomas academic calendar regardless of the start and end date of the other schools term or semester. 

Since St. Thomas is the primary school, at least half of the student’s full-time enrollment must be at St. Thomas.

Contact ISSS at ph.305-474-6010 or email:  if you have any questions.