Social Security

Social Security Numbers (SSN) are for work purposes only. Individuals eligible for a social security number must be receiving funding from a U.S. based source (i.e.: St. Thomas University salary). The SSN should not be used as a general form of identification.  After arriving in the U.S., you should wait at least 10 days before applying for a SSN.

Who needs a SSN?
Please visit the Social Security Administration (SSA) website to obtain information on why and when you will need a social security number.

Where do I apply for a SSN?
For the address and directions to the Social Security Administration office: 

How do I apply for a SSN?
You must apply in person at a local Social Security Administration office. Complete the application form and provide original documentation that verifies your age, your identity and your lawful non-citizen status.

  • Take the follow documents to the SSA office:
  • Valid passport
  • Valid I-94 Card
  • All original I-20s (For F-1 Students only)
  • All original DS-2019s (For J-1 Visa Only)
  • Letter of Employment (Appointment Letter) or Social Security Letter (For Students Only)

Tips for completing the application
  • #2. Mailing Address: Your residence in Miami
    • The U.S. Post Office will not forward or deliver the Social Security Card to another person’s address or to C/O addresses.
  • #3. Citizenship: check “Legal Alien Allowed to Work”
  • #8. 
    • A. Mother’s Maiden Name: Please put the name your mother had before marriage (if it was different).
    • B. Mother’s Social Security Number: If your mother ever lived in the U.S. and had a Social Security Number, put it here. If not, leave blank.
  • #9. 
    • A. Father’s Name: Please put your father’s name.
    • B. Father’s Social Security Number: If your father ever lived in the U.S. and had a Social Security Number, put it here. If not, leave blank.

What to do upon receipt of you SSN card?
Upon receipt of the card, students must take the card to Bobcat Enrollment Center located in the main administration building Dooner Hall. Scholars should take their SSN card to the Human Resources office also located in Dooner Hall. 

What to do if you are not eligible for a SSN?
Individuals not paid from a U.S. based source may apply for an ITIN number.

Identify Theft
Upon receipt of your social security number secure it in a safe place. Identity theft is big business. Do not share your SSN over the phone with individuals you do not know or through e-mail. To learn more about identity theft please visit the Federal Trade Commission website.