US-VISIT Program

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has implemented the US-VISIT program. The program will use biometrics to track international visitors who hold non-immigrant visas when they enter and leave the United States. This means that they will be collecting traveler’s fingerprints and photographs as they enter the US. There is no fee associated with the program.

These procedures are mandated by U.S. laws and are intended to reduce fraud, identity theft, and the risk that terrorists and criminals will enter the United States undetected.

US-VISIT exit procedures are being tested at several air and seaports around the country. If you depart from the U.S. from an air or seaport that has US-VISIT exit kiosks, you are required to comply with the exit procedures prior to leaving the U.S. It is strongly recommended that you ask airline staff about the availability of US-VISIT exit kiosk during check-in. For additional information regarding the US-VISIT program, please visit the Department of Homeland Security US-VISIT website.